Actions Landlords Are Not Allowed to Do

Landlords have certain legal responsibilities and obligations towards their tenants. They are not allowed to engage in specific actions that violate tenant rights or are considered illegal under landlord-tenant laws. It's important for both landlords and tenants to be aware of these restrictions. Here are actions landlords are not allowed to do:

1. Discrimination

Landlords are prohibited from discriminating against tenants on the basis of race color religion national origin sex familial status or disability. This is protected under fair housing laws and any discriminatory actions such as refusing to rent to a tenant based on these factors are illegal.

2. Retaliation

Landlords cannot retaliate against tenants for asserting their legal rights. This includes taking action against tenants for reporting housing code violations seeking repairs or participating in tenant associations. Retaliation can include eviction or harassment and is illegal in many jurisdictions.

3. Entry Without Notice

Landlords must typically provide notice to tenants before entering their rental unit. The specific notice period varies by jurisdiction but is usually 24 to 48 hours. Unauthorized entry can violate a tenant's right to privacy and quiet enjoyment of the property.

4. Failure to Make Repairs

Landlords are generally obligated to maintain the rental property in a habitable condition. This includes making necessary repairs to keep the property safe and functional. Failing to address essential repairs can lead to legal consequences and breaches of the lease agreement.

5. Unlawful Evictions

Landlords must follow legal eviction procedures which typically involve providing proper notice and obtaining a court order for eviction. Self-help evictions such as changing locks removing a tenant's belongings or shutting off utilities are illegal and can result in penalties for the landlord.

6. Violating Lease Terms

Landlords cannot unilaterally change the terms of a lease agreement during the lease period. Lease terms should be respected and any changes should be agreed upon by both parties. Violating the lease terms can lead to disputes and legal actions.

7. Invasion of Privacy

Landlords should respect the privacy of tenants and not engage in invasive actions. This includes installing surveillance cameras inside a tenant's living space without consent or conducting intrusive and unwarranted inspections.

8. Discriminatory Advertising

Landlords are also prohibited from engaging in discriminatory advertising. Advertisements for rental properties should not contain language or images that discriminate against specific groups protected under fair housing laws.


Landlords have legal responsibilities and restrictions that are designed to protect the rights and well-being of tenants. Being aware of these actions that landlords are not allowed to do is crucial for both landlords and tenants to maintain a fair and lawful landlord-tenant relationship.

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