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Can You Store Wine in the Fridge?

Storing wine in a standard refrigerator is a common practice, especially for short-term cooling or keeping an opened bottle fresh. However, the suitability of using a fridge for wine storage depends on the type of wine and the intended duration of storage. Here's what you need to know about storing wine in the fridge:

Short-Term Refrigeration

Using a standard refrigerator for short-term wine storage is generally acceptable and convenient. It's suitable for the following purposes:

Factors to Consider

When storing wine in the fridge, consider the following factors:

Extended Refrigeration

For long-term wine storage or aging, using a standard refrigerator is not recommended. The typical fridge temperature (around 35-38°F or 1-3°C) is too cold for the optimal aging of wine. Extended exposure to such low temperatures can negatively affect the wine's aging process and potentially alter its flavor profile.


Storing wine in the fridge is suitable for short-term cooling or preserving opened bottles. It's convenient and helps maintain wine quality for a few days. However, for long-term storage or aging, it's best to invest in dedicated wine storage solutions, such as wine coolers or cellars, which provide the right temperature and conditions to preserve the wine's character and aging potential.

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