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Electric Heater vs Gas Heater: Which is Cheaper?

When it comes to heating your home, one of the most important questions you might have is whether an electric heater is cheaper than a gas heater. The answer to this question depends on several factors, including the cost of electricity and gas in your area, the efficiency of the heater, and how often you use the heater.

Cost of Electricity vs Gas

The cost of electricity and gas can vary greatly depending on where you live. On average, gas is generally cheaper than electricity. For example, gas costs around 10p/kWh while electricity costs around 34p/kWh. However, these prices can fluctuate based on market conditions and other factors.

Efficiency of Electric Heaters vs Gas Heaters

Electric heaters are considered to be 100% energy-effective as all incoming electricity creates heat. However, they are generally less efficient than gas heaters, making them more expensive to operate. Gas-powered furnaces are typically more efficient than electric heaters and cost less to operate over time.

Installation Costs

The cost to install a heating system can also impact the overall cost. The average cost to install a gas central heating system is around £5,250, compared with £3,790 to install an electric heating system. These costs can vary based on the specific type of system and other factors.

Usage Costs

The cost of using a heater also depends on how often you use it. If you only use the heater occasionally, an electric heater may be more cost-effective. However, if you use the heater regularly, a gas heater may be cheaper in the long run.


In conclusion, whether an electric heater is cheaper than a gas heater depends on a variety of factors. While gas is generally cheaper than electricity and gas heaters are typically more efficient than electric heaters, the cost can vary based on your specific circumstances. Therefore, it's important to consider all these factors when deciding which type of heater to use.

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