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How to Select an Energy-Efficient Tumble Dryer

Selecting an energy-efficient tumble dryer is not only environmentally friendly but also helps you save on energy costs. Here are essential tips to guide you in choosing an energy-efficient tumble dryer:

1. Look for Energy Labels

Energy labels provide information on a dryer's energy efficiency. In the UK you can check for the Energy Saving Trust Recommended label and the European Union Energy Label which classifies dryers from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient). Aim for a dryer with an A or A+ rating for optimal energy efficiency.

2. Opt for Heat Pump Technology

Tumble dryers with heat pump technology are more energy-efficient than traditional vented or condenser dryers. They recycle heat using less energy to dry clothes. While they may have a higher upfront cost they can save you money in the long run through reduced energy consumption.

3. Load Size and Sensor Drying

Choose a dryer that matches your typical load size. Overloading a dryer can decrease its efficiency. Look for models with sensor drying technology which detects moisture levels in the load and automatically adjusts the drying time. This prevents over-drying and saves energy.

4. Timers and Delay Start

Opt for dryers with timer settings and delay start features. These allow you to set the dryer to operate during off-peak hours when electricity may be cheaper. Timers also let you control the drying time precisely avoiding excessive energy use.

5. Size and Drum Material

Choose the right-sized dryer for your needs. A larger drum can accommodate bigger loads and reduce the number of cycles needed. Additionally consider dryers with stainless steel drums as they tend to be more energy-efficient and durable compared to other materials like porcelain or plastic.

6. Venting and Maintenance

Proper venting is crucial for energy efficiency. Ensure that the dryer is vented correctly to the outside to allow for efficient air circulation. Regularly clean the lint filter and exhaust duct to maintain the dryer's performance and safety.

7. Noise and Eco Modes

Consider noise levels if the dryer's location is near living spaces. Some models offer eco or quiet modes that reduce energy consumption and noise simultaneously providing a balance between efficiency and comfort.

8. Read User Reviews

Before making a final decision read user reviews and seek recommendations from reliable sources. Real-world experiences can provide valuable insights into a dryer's energy efficiency and overall performance.


By following these tips and carefully selecting an energy-efficient tumble dryer you can reduce energy consumption save money on utility bills and minimize your environmental impact. An energy-efficient dryer not only benefits your wallet but also contributes to a greener and more sustainable home.

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