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Which Plug Sockets are Used in Turkey?

Turkey primarily uses two types of plug sockets for electrical connections:

1. Type C:

Type C sockets also known as the Europlug are widely used in Turkey. They have two round pins and are compatible with most European devices. Type C sockets are rated at 2.5 amps and 250 volts. These are the standard sockets you'll find in most Turkish households and are used for a wide range of electrical devices.

2. Type F:

Type F sockets also known as Schuko sockets are also found in Turkey. These sockets have two round pins like Type C but include an additional grounding pin. Type F sockets are rated at 16 amps and 250 volts making them suitable for higher-power devices. You may encounter Type F sockets in specific locations such as hotels or commercial establishments especially in areas where more power-hungry appliances are used.

It's essential to be aware of the socket types when traveling to or within Turkey so that you can bring the appropriate plug adapters for your electrical devices. Additionally some modern Turkish homes and hotels may also have Type E or Type K sockets to accommodate a wider range of international plug types.

Electrical Standards and Safety Considerations

Understanding the electrical standards and safety considerations in Turkey is vital for residents and travelers:

1. Voltage and Frequency:

In Turkey the standard voltage is 230 volts and the frequency is 50 Hz. It's important to ensure that your electrical devices are compatible with these specifications. Most modern electronic devices including laptops and smartphones have built-in voltage converters and can handle this voltage. However for larger appliances you may need a voltage converter or transformer.

2. Grounding:

Type F sockets with their grounding pins provide an added layer of safety especially for devices that have metal casings or are particularly sensitive to electrical surges. When using Type F sockets it's advisable to use devices with grounding plugs to maximize safety.

3. Safety Standards:

In Turkey electrical installations and appliances must comply with local safety standards. These standards are in place to ensure the safety of residents and visitors. It's essential to use electrical devices and adapters that meet these standards to prevent electrical hazards.

Travel Tips for Visitors to Turkey

If you're planning to visit Turkey whether for tourism or business here are some travel tips related to plug sockets and electrical considerations:

1. Plug Adapters:

Before traveling to Turkey make sure you have the appropriate plug adapters for Type C and Type F sockets. Adapters are widely available in electronics stores or you can purchase them in advance. Consider bringing extra adapters if you plan to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

2. Voltage Converters:

If you're bringing electronic devices that are not compatible with 230 volts such as some older hair dryers or curling irons you may need a voltage converter or transformer. Check the voltage requirements of your devices and ensure you have the right equipment to use them safely in Turkey.

3. Hotel Accommodations:

When booking accommodations in Turkey you can inquire about the types of sockets available in your hotel room. Many hotels offer a variety of socket types to accommodate international travelers. However it's still a good practice to have plug adapters with you to be prepared for any situation.

4. Power Strips and Extension Cords:

If you have multiple devices to charge consider bringing a power strip or extension cord with multiple outlets. This can be particularly convenient in hotel rooms where outlets may be limited. Make sure the power strip is compatible with the Turkish socket types.

5. Local Expertise:

If you have questions or encounter electrical issues during your stay in Turkey don't hesitate to seek assistance from local experts. Electricians and hotel staff can provide guidance and help you address any electrical concerns you may have.


Understanding the plug sockets used in Turkey and related electrical standards and safety considerations is essential for both residents and travelers. With the prevalence of Type C and Type F sockets you can prepare by having the right plug adapters and equipment to ensure a safe and convenient electrical experience during your stay in this beautiful country.

By following the travel tips and being aware of voltage and safety standards you can make the most of your visit to Turkey without any electrical hassles. Enjoy your trip and explore the rich culture and history that this country has to offer!

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