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Common Plug Sockets in Cyprus

Cyprus a beautiful Mediterranean island has specific plug sockets that you should be aware of when traveling or residing in the country. The most commonly used plug socket type in Cyprus is the Type G socket.

Type G Plug Sockets

Type G plug sockets are also known as the British Standard BS 1363. They have three rectangular prongs which are designed for devices with British-style plugs. These sockets are grounded providing an extra level of safety.

Technical Specifications

It's important to note that if you're traveling to Cyprus with devices that have different plug types you'll need a plug adapter to use them. Make sure to check your device's voltage requirements to avoid damaging them due to voltage differences.

Plug Adapters and Converters

If your devices have plugs that are not compatible with Type G sockets you can easily find plug adapters in Cyprus. These adapters allow you to connect your devices to Type G sockets without the need for major modifications.

Additionally if your devices are not compatible with the 230V voltage in Cyprus you might need a voltage converter. Voltage converters can help you safely use your devices with different voltage requirements. Always check the power requirements of your devices and consult with an electrician or travel expert if you're unsure.

Common Use Cases

Type G plug sockets are used for a wide range of appliances and electronic devices including:

Knowing the common plug socket type in Cyprus and being prepared with the right adapters and converters will ensure that you can use your electronic devices without any hassle during your stay.

Safety Considerations

When using plug adapters or converters it's essential to prioritize safety. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind:


Understanding the common plug sockets in Cyprus which are Type G sockets is vital for travelers and residents alike. Being aware of the technical specifications and having the necessary plug adapters and converters will ensure that you can safely and conveniently use your electronic devices in Cyprus. Prioritize safety and follow best practices to avoid any electrical mishaps.

Whether you're visiting Cyprus for a holiday or living there having the right information about plug sockets will help you stay connected and make the most of your electronic devices while enjoying the beauty of this Mediterranean island.

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