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Removing Fleas from Fabrics with a Dryer - Natural Methods

If you're dealing with fleas infesting your fabrics using a dryer can be an effective and natural way to eliminate these pests. Here's how to remove fleas from fabrics using a dryer and some natural methods:

1. Gather Infested Fabrics

Identify the fabrics that are infested with fleas. This can include pet bedding curtains linens and clothing.

2. Wash the Fabrics

Place the infested fabrics in a washing machine and wash them with hot water. Use the highest temperature setting that is safe for the fabrics. Hot water will help kill fleas and their eggs.

3. Dry on High Heat

Transfer the washed fabrics to the dryer. Use the highest heat setting that is safe for the fabrics. Typically a temperature of 120°F (49°C) or higher is effective in killing fleas. The heat will eliminate fleas larvae and eggs.

4. Add Natural Repellents

Consider adding natural flea-repelling agents to the dryer to enhance the effectiveness of this method. Some options include:

5. Recheck and Repeat if Necessary

After the drying cycle inspect the fabrics for any remaining fleas. If needed repeat the washing and drying process to ensure all fleas and eggs are eliminated.

6. Vacuum and Treat Surrounding Areas

To prevent reinfestation vacuum your home especially areas where your pets frequent. Consider using natural flea-repelling products in your home such as diatomaceous earth or herbal sprays to deter fleas from returning to the fabrics.


Using natural methods and a dryer to remove fleas from fabrics can be an effective and safe way to deal with a flea infestation. By following these steps and adding natural repellents you can ensure that your fabrics are flea-free and create a less inviting environment for these pests in your home.

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