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What Types of Sockets are Used in Ireland?

Ireland primarily uses three types of plug sockets for electrical connections:

1. Type G:

Type G sockets are the most common type in Ireland. They are characterized by three rectangular prongs in a triangular configuration. These sockets are designed for devices that require a grounding connection and are rated at 13 amps and 230 volts. Type G sockets are widely used in homes businesses and hotels across Ireland.

2. Type C:

While Type C sockets are not as common as Type G you may encounter them in some older buildings and accommodations. Type C sockets have two round pins and are rated at 2.5 amps and 230 volts. These sockets are similar to the Europlug and are typically used for devices that don't require grounding.

3. Type D:

Type D sockets are less common and may be found in a few older buildings. They feature three large round pins in a triangular configuration similar to Type G but with larger pins. Type D sockets are rated at 5 amps and 230 volts. They are not as widespread as Type G and are mainly used for specific applications.

When traveling to Ireland or using electrical devices in the country it's essential to have the appropriate plug adapters for Type G sockets which are the standard sockets in Ireland. Some hotels and accommodations may provide multi-socket outlets to accommodate different plug types but having your plug adapter is advisable to ensure compatibility with most outlets.

Electrical Standards and Safety Considerations

Understanding the electrical standards and safety considerations in Ireland is vital for residents and travelers:

1. Voltage and Frequency:

In Ireland the standard voltage is 230 volts and the frequency is 50 Hz. Most electrical devices are designed to operate within this voltage and frequency range. However travelers from countries with different standards should check the compatibility of their devices and may need voltage converters or transformers for certain appliances.

2. Grounding:

Type G sockets in Ireland provide grounding which is important for the safe operation of many electrical devices. Grounding ensures that excess electrical energy is safely discharged reducing the risk of electrical shock or fires. It's advisable to use devices with grounding plugs in Type G sockets whenever possible for safety reasons.

3. Safety Standards:

Ireland adheres to specific safety standards for electrical installations and appliances to protect residents and visitors. When using electrical devices or adapters in Ireland ensure they comply with local safety regulations to prevent hazards and ensure safe operation.

Travel Tips for Visitors to Ireland

If you plan to visit Ireland here are some travel tips related to plug sockets and electrical considerations:

1. Plug Adapters:

Prior to your trip make sure you have the appropriate plug adapters for Type G sockets in Ireland. These adapters are readily available in electronics stores or can be purchased online. It's advisable to have multiple adapters if you plan to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

2. Voltage Converters and Transformers:

If you're traveling from a country with a different voltage standard such as 110-120 volts and intend to use devices not compatible with 230 volts consider bringing voltage converters or transformers. These devices can help you safely power appliances that have specific voltage requirements.

3. Check Your Accommodation:

When booking accommodations inquire about the types of sockets available in your hotel room. Many hotels in Ireland provide multi-socket outlets to accommodate various plug types. However it's always a good practice to have your plug adapter on hand to ensure compatibility with the local outlets.

4. Power Strips and Extension Cords:

If you have multiple devices to charge a power strip or extension cord with multiple outlets can be convenient. This is especially useful in hotel rooms where outlets may be limited. Ensure that the power strip is compatible with Type G sockets.

5. Seek Local Advice:

If you have questions or face electrical issues during your stay in Ireland don't hesitate to seek assistance from local experts including electricians or hotel staff. They can provide guidance and help address any electrical concerns you may encounter.


Understanding the plug sockets used in Ireland and related electrical standards and safety considerations is crucial for both residents and travelers. With the prevalence of Type G sockets having the appropriate plug adapters and equipment is essential for a safe and convenient electrical experience during your visit to this beautiful country.

By following the travel tips and adhering to voltage and safety standards you can make the most of your trip to Ireland without any electrical complications. Enjoy your stay and explore the rich culture history and natural beauty that this picturesque island nation has to offer!

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